Development of the Integrated Waste Management Facilities Phase 1

Water Quality Monitoring

Location Map of Water Monitoring Stations
  1. General Impact Water Quality Monitoring and DCM Impact Water Quality Monitoring commenced on 29 June 2018.
  2. Station C1/C1A is a control station during ebb tide while station C2/C2A is a control station during flood tide.
  3. Station S1, S2/S2A & S3 are DCM impact monitoring stations while water quality monitoring of those stations will be only conducted during DCM works referring to detail DCM plan.
  4. Starting from March 2019, monitoring stations C1, C2, S2 & F1 are shifted to C1A, C2A, S2A & F1A respectively due to the concerns of stakeholders.
  5. As no marine construction work will be carried out from March to December 2023, the water quality was then temporarily suspended from 30 March 2023 onward.